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About Pineridge Dental Clinic

Dr. Tony Schneider worked at a university hospital in Edmonton in 1992 and 1993, providing his dental services to anyone who needed it. After that, he decided to open his own practice in Calgary. This is how Pineridge Dental Clinic began in 1994. Since then, Pineridge Dental Clinic has been serving the dental needs of Calgary and the surrounding areas. We offer personalized services for all ages, from the youngest toddler to the eldest senior.


Pineridge Dental Clinic is always welcoming new patients, and emergency patients are accepted. We provide a wide variety of dental services, from regular cleanings all the way up to complex restorative processes. Contact us today to book your next dental appointment.

Direct Insurance Billing

Pineridge Dental Clinic enables direct billing transactions from the insurance company of our patients to facilitate hassle-free treatment. Since the Canadian Privacy Act, 2004, does not allow insurance plan revelation to people other than the policyholder, we suggest that you read through and know your plan better. We will work with you to ensure that you know the right value of the insurance plan you have.

We recommend treatment based on your oral health needs. With us, you can rest assured that you get the most out of your insurance claims without having to worry about the treatment cost or any other incidental medical expense.


Direct Billing Partners

pacific blue cross
great-west life
canada life
the co-operators

Professional Affiliations

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