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A Family Dentist in Calgary

Pineridge Dental Clinic has been providing family dentistry services to the Calgary area since 1994. We are a family-oriented practice that aims to promote preventative care and oral hygiene. Dr. Tony Schneider has over 25 years of experience in the practice and is dedicated to taking care of all your dental needs.

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Our General Dental Services

We provide general dental services such as:

  • Oral examination

  • Oral cancer examination

  • Periodontal examination

  • Tooth examination

  • Biting, chewing, and grinding check

  • Dental cleaning

  • X-rays

  • Pediatric dentistry

In addition to our general preventative care, we can also provide you with cosmetic and restorative dental services, so that you can have the confidence to smile brightly every day.

Regular visits to the dentist are recommended for good oral hygiene. Come visit us often! We are always welcoming new patients and we accept emergency patients as well. Book your next appointment today by giving our office a call.

Why is a Dental Check-up Important?

There are a number of reasons why you need a regular dental check-up. Visiting a dentist regularly can help prevent oral health issues such as plaque, cavities, tartar and tooth decay. Routine check-ups may also detect mouth cancer at early stages, deformities, or any other symptom of illness. Dental check-ups are a way to ensure your gum health and keep gum diseases at bay.

What Does a Regular Visit Look Like?

  • Book an appointment

  • Show up + check-in

  • Hygienist chat

  • X-rays + cleaning

  • Dentist check-up

Why Choose Pineridge Dental Clinic?

  • Family-oriented dental practice treating patients of all ages.

  • Located conveniently on Rundlehorn Dr and easy to get to using public transportation.

  • Same day, evening and emergency appointments available.

  • Locally owned and operated.

  • Direct billing to most insurance agencies.

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The Doctor is In

Pineridge Dental Clinic offers quality dental care services to all age groups.

Get Shiny White Teeth, Today!

Whether you have crooked or stained teeth, our cosmetic dental services can make it right.

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